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Most recent electorate: 7,767,552
Last Updated: 25 October 2016
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Rihoux, B. et al. (2013). Belgium. European Journal of Political Research Political Data Yearbook. 52(1): 32-34.
The data for Belgium has passed through the preliminary phase of data entry and proofreading. The dataset contains up-to-date data through 30 June 2013, and will continue to receive updates as events occur (though updates may not be immediate). Beginning in July 2013 the PDYi Team began the second phase of data refinement, involving a full review of the data by country experts and verification against official sources. Data on elections has been verified against official government data. If you wish to assist in the process of data verification or have a request for prioritization of particular countries or data, please notify the editors at: politicaldatayearbook@gmail.com